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 Foods Preventing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer experienced by women. Of the 20 sufferers as much as 6% of his death. Experts have opinions, causes of breast cancer caused hormonal and influencing foods. Fatty foods are especially more likely to develop breast cancer than those who do not eat much fatty foods. Women with large stature, more likely to get this cancer than thin and short women, then families who have suffered from this disease, then likely to get this disease as well.

anyone who has breast cancer risk.
  • Women who have suffered one breast cancer
  • Women with a family history of breast cancer such as siblings, mothers or aunts
  • Women who have never been pregnant
  • Women who have the first child after the age of 35 years
  • Women with a history of other breast diseases
  • Women at first menstrual age under 10 years
  • Women never bear children
  • Women never breastfeed
  • Never do hormone replacement therapy
  • Have done a family planning program using birth control pills and the like in the past
When consuming food everyday, we need to avoid foods that are carcinogenic. Instead we need to eat cancer-fighting daily foods that contain high antioxidants, so it will fight cancer-free radicals to provide immunity to the body. In addition, factors trigger cancer due to lack of intake of vegetables and natural fruit which has a high fiber. In a university study of California revealed that eating vegetables and fruits on a regular basis can reduce the risk of cancer by half.

In addition to the phytochemical antioxidants in vegetables and fruits have a number of crude fiber, including in breast cancer prevention food. Thus the carcinogenic substances will be bonded with as well, which is then discharged through impurities, so this can shorten the toxic time to transit.

Juices and fruits are full of vitamins that are essential in building body immunity. In addition, fruits contain natural fiber as a breast cancer prevention food. The body's daily fiber requirement is 20-30 grams according to the National Cancer Institute, USA. Of course there are some things that we get from the benefits of juice that is

     Easy to eat
     Can be mixed with other fruit
     Can be added honey so as to reduce the sour taste of the fruit
     Beneficial components in the fruit to make maximum consumption for example there is a white sponge on the orange is usually discarded when the juice is easy to eat, because it contains high limone substances.

Drinking 1 liter of juice per day for treatment and prevention is highly recommended. Some recommended fruit.

 Name of fruit Benefits contained:

1. Apple Vitamin C high, water soluble fiber especially carotene and pectin
2. Carambola Vitamin C is high, anti inflammatory
3. Guava Vitamin C, 6 times more than oranges
4. Sweet orange Bioflavanoid and antioxidants cancer prevention, Vitamin C to support the body's          immune, limonoids for the immune system
5. Lemon lemon Antioxidant, vitamin C, it is advisable to eat the white sponge as well
6. Pineapple Antioxidants, sacharose, dectrosa, organic acid, anti-inflammatory. And disrupt the              growth of cancer cells
7. Papaya Betakaroten, pectin, phytokinase, papain for protein breakers
8. Soursop Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants
9. Tomato Vitamin C, antioxidants, lycopen as an antidote to free radicals
10. Melon Substance anticoagulant, carotinoid to fight cancer
11. Wine Flavanoid antioxidants, pecyin polyphenols, tannins to ward off genetic damage, prevent cancer.
12. Watermelon Flavanoid, Vitamin C.

Honey as a natural sweetener from flower nectar raw materials. The content is:

     Glucose, a high content nutritious to restore body fluids quickly
     Fructose, to reduce the liver damage that causes liver cancer
     Diastase and invertase enzymes to reduce excess starch, protein and glycosides in the body.

  • Benefits of honey as a food prevention of breast cancer namely:

    •      Increase endurance and form the body's immune system.
    •      Accelerate the healing of both wounds caused by cancer and the former surgical removal of cancer
    •      Its Royal jelly can normalize body functions and regulate cell function, as antiviral and anticancer.
    •      Propolis, contains antibiotics, immune stimulating the body and increase the work of pagosit in white blood cells, as well as antioxidants.
    •      Bee pollem, collected by bees as food reserves. The content of beta-carotene contained therein prevents the growth of cancer cells and stabilizes cell regeneration and rehabilitation processes.

      Foods Containing Chlorophyll.
    • Chlorophyll is the main pigment in green growth, algae and photosynthetic bacteria. In this case, such as carotene pigment, chlorophyll is important in activating radical compounds that are harmful to the cell. Here's the consumption of chlorophyll as a preventive food of breast cancer and put it in:

    •     Alpha-alpha, is a vegetable like bean sprouts but the size is longer and green. Serves as an antioxidant, cleanses the blood, blood, improves digestion, overcome inflammation.
    •     Spirulina, is a single-celled blue-green algae living in a spiral-sized, microscopic, freshwater water. Contains beta carotene 25 calilipat from carrot. It is an excellent antioxidant.
    •     Rice leaves, which are sources of chlorophyll are plants less than 10 days old that are free of pesticide residues. For the cure of cancer, it takes 20-30 grams of fresh rice leaves and washed and then mashed with 2 cups of water and filtered. The water is rich in chlorophyll which is useful for the cure of cancer.

      so little things I read and then write here, may be useful for all of us, may we always be given health by God Almighty.

    Foods Preventing Breast Cancer

    Surely there are many questions in your mind then what fruit and vegetables can be used as juice? What materials are suitable for juice? Anything that can be combined and of course has a delicious flavor?

    This time we will try to mention any type of food especially fruit and vegetables that can be processed into juice for cancer therapy.


    Apple juice

    We can not get fresh apples on the market, because the apples that are sold freely in the market generally have been coated with the night and sprayed with pesticides. Therefore, wash and throw the skin first to clean before making it as a juice ingredient. Fresh apple juice has a high mineral content and is good for the growth of skin, hair and nails.


    This plant contains asparagine that can help clear the tissues and muscles in the body. Asparagus can also reduce blood acidity. Asparagus is diuretic and too strong for the kidneys if in the juice without mixture. So mix it with other ingredients to make juice from asparagus. This juice can destroy oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and muscles. Therefore, asparagus is good for curing rheumatism as well as for people suffering from prostate disorders.

    3.Root bit

    root beet juice

    This plant is very good for building and healthy red blood cells. Fifty percent of minerals in beet juice are sodium, 20% potassium, 8% chlorine and 5% calcium. Therefore, root beet juice is very good for cleansing the liver, kidneys and bladder.

    4.Apluk Fruits.

    Avocado fruit is believed by many medical health experts and traditional health experts to prevent retinoblastoma become more severe and also able to improve slowly or remove cancerous tumors that exist in the eyeball. And able to repair all kinds of damage that exist within every cell and channel of the eyeball Because this aplukat contains a lot of natural active compounds that are good for the eyes and have a lot of vitamin E is good for treating eye health that has a chronic health disorder or non-chronic.


    Strawberry Fruit: This beautiful fruit is Strawberry has a lot of vitamin C, E, A, and natural fibers and active compounds. All of the amazing ingredients in this blueberry fruit are excellent for keeping eye health naturally and also able to call attention to eye health problems such as minus eyes, nearsightedness, plus eyes, circulation in the eyes, excessive fat loss in the eyes, and anti-tumor and cancer.


    Papaya Fruit: Maybe we all already know with this one fruit is papaya that has many natural content is amazing for health, especially the digestive tr
    act. But you need to know that the fiber from papaya fruit is also good for the eyes and able to overcome various kinds of health problems in the non chronic non-chronic eyeballs, and able to rejoin the power of your eyesight.

    source from google

    actually still a lot of fruits and benefits but I will write next time. saa is not an expert in medicine or health. I should share what I read ang according to when it is useful to everyone. because sharing the good with everyone is what my parents taught me. thanks.

    Fruit And Vegetable Juice For Cancer Therapy

    Treating cancer without chemical drugs has become increasingly popular and in demand by many people. Some of them through therapy or natural ingredients that are known to inhibit or even kill cancer. One of them is carrot juice. The author of the children's book, Ann Cameron, claimed to have cured his colon cancer already in stage four by eating carrot juice every day. Based on his experience, Cameron claims that carrots can cure cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments. In 2012, Ann was diagnosed with colon cancer. But he refused to do chemotherapy and surgery. Furthermore, the cancer is known to continue to grow to dangerous stage four, as reported by the Daily Health Post (12/12). Afterwards Ann encounters a man who managed to cure his own cancer by consuming five pounds of carrots. The man named Ralph Cole explains that initially he only consumed three pounds each day, but to no avail. Finally he consumed five pounds (about 2.2 kilograms) daily. After seven years, he recovered from cancer. Ann follows Cole's advice and experiences something similar. She started consuming carrot juice since November 17, 2012, and CT Scan on July 30, 2013 shows that her cancer has disappeared. During that Ann did not do chemotherapy, radiation, or change her diet. He still eats meat and other foods including ice cream. Ann does not recommend to eat unhealthy foods during the cancer recovery process. But he wanted to tell others that his trick with consuming carrot juice was successful. Carrots are known to contain falcarinol, an antioxidant that can ward off cancer. Researchers have found a reduction in tumor and cure of breast cancer due to these substances. The method of using fruits and vegetables to cure cancer has actually been done by Dr. Max Gerson through his method of The Gerson Methods. The method is done by limiting the food consumed by patients only eat healthy foods and vegetables and fruits for at least two years. This method is known to cure cancer without drugs.

    treat cancer with carrot juice